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BExSAM - A method for causal inference in a binary exclusive-or skew acyclic model

Here we distribute MATLAB codes of the BExSAM algorithm:
Version 1.0 by Takanori Inazumi (June 29, 2011).

See our publication for the algorithm:
T. Inazumi, T. Washio, S. Shimizu, J. Suzuki, A. Yamamoto and Y. Kawahara. Discovering causal structures in binary exclusive-or skew acyclic models. In Proc. 27th Conf. on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI2011), pp. 373--382, Barcelona, Spain, 2011.

Takanori Inazumi <inazumi at>
Department of Reasoning for Intelligence, ISIR, Osaka University, Japan

created: 2011-06-29 / modified: 2012-03-09