Active Mining Project
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Area
Interim Research Summary
September, 12, 2002

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Table of Contents

I. A01 Active I nform ati on Gathe r i ng

A01-02 Acquiring Meta Information Resources in the WWW
(A01-02-1) Active Information Gathering with Interactive Document Retrieval
(A01-02-2) Partial Update Monitoring in Web pages for WWW Informati on Management
(A01-02-3) Immune network-based Cl ustering for WWW Information Gathering/Visualization

A01-03 Active Information Gathering from Distributed Dynamic Information Sources
(A01-03-1) Intelligent Information Gathering Technique from Distributed Dynamic Information Sources
and Its Application to Discovered Knowledge Filtering
(A01-03-2) Information Gathering, Watching, and Integration by Multi-Agents

A01-04 Automation of Data Gathering and Preprocessing by using Multistage Learning
(A01-04-1) Chinese Whispers Approach for Information Gathering and Data Preprocessing
(A01-04-2) An XML-Based Tool for Data Preprocessing
(A01-04-3) Temporal Spatial Data Structures for Person Trip Data Analysis

II. A02 User-Centered Active Mining

A02-05 Active Mining for Structured Data
(A02-05-1) Discovery of Typical Patterns from Structured Data by Graph- based I nduction
(A02-05-2) A Fast Algorithm of Frequent Subgraph Extraction Method : AGM
(A02-05-3) A User-Centered Approach to Data Mining
(A02-05-4) Text Mining with Tolerance Rough Set Models
(A02-05-5) Mining Hepatitis Data with Temporal Abstraction
(A02-05-6) A Study on Application of Data Mining Technique to Various Types of Management Data

A02-06 Implementing Active Mining Based on Meta-Learning
(A02-06-1) Automatic Composition of Data Mining Applications Based on Meta-Learning
(A02-06-2) Rule Discovery Support Based on Cl ustering of Chronic Hepatitis Data sets

A02-07 Spiral Active Mining Based on Exception Discovery
(A02-07-1) Spiral Exception Discovery
(A02-07-2) Detection of Situation Changes
(A02-07-3) Auto-Adjustment Method for Spiral Discovery
(A02-07-4) Peculiarity Orented Mining

A02-08 Knowledge Extraction from Text Data on Users' Demand
(A02-08-1) Part-of-speech Guessing of Unknown Word in Technical Papers
(A02-08-2) Large-scale Text Processing and Knowledge Extraction on Users’Demand

III. A03 Active User Reaction

A03-09 Development of Active Clinical Decision Support System Based on Rough Sets
(A03-09-1 ) Development of the Active Mining System in Medicine Based on Rough Sets

A03-10 Risk Alterts for Biological Activities of Chemicals Based on Active Mining
(A03-10-1) Risk Alerts for Chemical Compounds by Active Mining
(A03-10-2) Mining Structural Characteristics of Bioactive Molecules
(A03-10-3) Surveying Datascape and New Expression of Rules
(A03-10-4) Chemical Data Mining Based on Structural Similarity
(A03-10-5) Construction of a Three-Dimensional Motif Dictionary for Protein Structural Data Mining

A03-11 Evaluating and Selecting Knowledge based on Human-Computer Interactions
(A03-11-1) Knowledge Evaluation and Selection based on Human-System Interaction
(A03-11-2) Data Visualizer for Chance Discovery
(A03-11-3) Developing Human-in-a-Loop knowledge Validation Methodology
(A03-11-4) Decision Supports of Internet Operations